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Split Decision
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  • Chanson: Looking Back
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Textes et Paroles de Looking Back

Saw you one day, thought we were OK,
but in your eyes this wasn't so true.
We had our words, said the wrong things,
unspoken thoughts can never be said.

The days go by, and i think why,
didn't i say what i'm thinking today.
From that day, until the end,
I still will be looking back.

And i was the one to screw things up,
between me and you and us.
I can't forget, but i can regret,
All the things that went wrong that day,
That horrible day.
Why do we, think of the things we should have said,
after it has all ended.

Bound like glue, this was me and you.
I never thought this could break us apart.
Such stupid fights, such fucked up words,
unspoken thoughts can never be said.

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