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Spragga Benz
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  • Chanson: She Wrong
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Textes et Paroles de She Wrong

All ah di girl dem who control dem man,
An ah gal come gwaan like sey she waan cause contention,
wey yuh do...
Yuh tell dat fi mooove along (yuh tell har sey)

No she wrong, she caan tek yuh man,
Ah gal better tek har backyard slam dem
an move along with the rest a di gang
she mek bout hundred an one (sing along)
No she wrong she caan tek yuh man
an she caan stop him from go dungtown
an buy wedding band fi put pon yuh hand
cause dem an nuh competition.

She ah nuh the first an she wont be the laast
Plan B, yuh man ride like a jackass,
Yuh see dem come an go inna di past
rise overnight, dem get drop fast fast
coulda stay longer ,but because..
dem nuh waan accept sey yuh a di boss
waan push demself from outa di dark
yuh man tell dat fi ease off


A gal jus a fool harself if she really think sey
she have what it take fi tek him way
gal yuh know your man like a book
she ah jus one more fish pon di hook
cause a whole heap ah years now since yuh an him dey
him nuh have no intention fi run way
him jus love di careless flex
an a tek all wey him can get
but him nah lef


She a nuh nuh form a wife material,
worse yuh possess the nicer cereal
fi dem reputation bad like criminal
jus another plain ole idiot gal who
nuh stop look yuh man because yuh man hot
comeen like ol leach inna yuh man back
mi brethren name 10 o' clock dung a Red Square
woulda call dat stumblin block


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