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Start Trouble
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  • Chanson: Get Over It
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Textes et Paroles de Get Over It

If someone ever needed to leave it all
it'd be you
and as a matter of fact you do
put the poison in your head
when you wake up out of bed
cause you're living a nightmare

I care too much, to see you go down like this
you're the person that I really thought I'd never miss
out of touch, out of mind, and I'm waiting for you
so be there
I'll be fair, I'll be real with you

move along
stay strong
get over it
get on with your life

and when you reach for me
you'll start feeling sober
when you need to believe
it's almost over

everyday it's the same routine
feeling sorry for yourself
cause of broken dreams
the more I think about it
the more it makes me sick
in the back of my head I'm screaming
get over it!

Do you wanna run away and never change?
Do you wanna stay locked in your fucking cage?
out of touch, out of mind, and I'm waiting for you
so be there, I'll be fair, I'll be real with you

some people never change their lives
I'm waiting for you

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