Paroles Radio Tuning de Stella Mwangi

Stella Mwangi
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  • Chanson: Radio Tuning
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Textes et Paroles de Radio Tuning

Radio tuning
Radio tuning, body moving
Radio tuning body moving

[Verse 1:]
My boy on the road wanna hear his song
To remind me of him while my baby gone
So I tune in to the radi-o oh
So nice gotta say oh oh
Now come back where your lady lay
Spend a whole day in bed let it fade away
Thinking of you got me- oh oh
I can't wait to get my boo back
Then Stella gon get her ol' groove back
So I tune in to the radi-o oh
Tune in to the radi-o oh
Until then I'm a watch your picture
Tell me what's a batter without the pitcher
I'm doing good but I'm finer with ya
Hooked on you so I just turn on the switch and

Radio tuning, radio tuning
Radio tuning, body moving

[Verse 2:]
I play tunes gotta take me back
To the first time that we ever laced a track
I just tune in to the radi-o oh
So nice gotta say- oh oh
Hang with the fellas, drinks with umbrellas
Never gon care what nobody tell us
Tune in to the radi-o oh
Tune in to the radi-o oh
I can't tell you how deeply I miss you
Tracks on the air got me needing a tissue
Tune in to the radi-o oh
Us two for life better know
So when you come home hold on for dear life
Miss your voice you address me as dear wife
Text a message as soon as you touch down
Wait with my arms open just like a touch down

Now turn the radio on, move to your baby come home
Let em know that, just when he roll back
I be right here for him, that's where his home at

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