Paroles Diamond de Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg
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  • Chanson: Diamond
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Textes et Paroles de Diamond

Honey, honey have you done your good deed today?
You open up my heart with the things that you say
Your melody's strong so your song never ends
Though the drama has changes, you are still my best friend

You're my diamond, you're my diamond

Darlin, darlin life's short and it's hard and it's great
You make me see love where I'm inclined to hate
Your way with the boys, how you settle us down
You cut through the noise in my head I have found

You're my diamond, dancing diamond
Just hold me close and don't ever let go

Lady, lady hush hush, cause the world can be sad
If it starts to scare you think of all that we've had
And the aisle we walk has no regrets
As long as you are with me, you know I'm all set

Singing diamond, You're my diamond
You're my sweet beauty diamond, miracle diamond
Sweet honey diamond, miracle diamond

Baby, Baby come come, keep it close to home
A saxophone and a slide trombone
I hope we die the same night when we're ninety-nine
I hope we go in our sleep as my diamond girl shines

Singing Diamond, you're my diamond
Sweet beauty diamond, miracle diamond
Diamond, you are my diamond
Sweet honey diamond, miracle diamond
You're my miracle.
Every night and day, all the things you've ever said

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