Paroles D&D de Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch
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  • Chanson: D&D
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Textes et Paroles de D&D

i got my twelve sided die and im ready to roll with a wizard and my goblin crew,
my friends are comin over to my moms basement bringin funyuns and the mountain dew,
i got a big broad sword made out of cardboard and that stereo's a-pumpin zeppelin,
its that time of the night we turn on the black light let the dungeons and the dragons begin,
it's d&d!
fighting with the legends of yore.
it's d&d!
never kissed lady before (nope).
now the lord of the rings the dark crystal and things,
we use these as a reference tool,
and when we put on our cloaks and tell warlock jokes we're the coolest kids in the school...

no we're not
i know

now tiche's a real bastard but a fair dungeon master,
he's got hit points and charisma to lend,
i rehearse in my room or what i call the dragons tomb when im not im with my girlfriend,
its d&d...wait...

youve got a girlfriend?

its d&d!
warriors that terrify.
its d&d!
virgins til the day we...



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