Paroles Calico Train de Steve Martin

Steve Martin
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  • Chanson: Calico Train
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Textes et Paroles de Calico Train

When you said, "Good-bye," I thought I would cry
Or at least feel a dark that's a deep shade of blue.
I would have to attend to a heart on the mend,
And would fight back memories of you.

You affected my life, oh, I cannot deny it.
You made me believe that life's not for free.
But anger and scorn are not what I'm built for,
So, my darling, I'll leave that for you.

I sat one night in the glow of fire light,
And I played all my favorite tunes you disliked.
Some friends made a call, "Let's go casual;
Tonight is the Calico Ball."

Now I'm feeling alive with a man on each side,
With my heart in tow the most A~ propo.
And each swing 'round the room lifts and spins off the gloom
And every step takes me further from you.

That night at the dance, after our young romance
Made me feel like woman in bloom.
Romance, it is true, it is useful for you,
But for me, now, my star is truth.

Then a man came to me, I said, "Yes, I am free."
And I undid the clasp on my gold ball and chain.
I danced in his charms, was completely disarmed,
Now I'm riding along on a Calico Train.

Sorrow and Strain, they can both long remain,
They can take you and leave you alone and in pain.
But freedom's in sight, it's a road in the night,
It's lit by the light of the Calico Train.

Joy is a word now that's guiding my life.
My step is much quicker since you bid good-bye
The blood flowing through me, it's turned to champagne,
Now I'm riding along on that Calico Train.

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