Paroles Here & Now de Steve Vai

Steve Vai
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  • Artiste: Steve Vai4176
  • Chanson: Here & Now
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Textes et Paroles de Here & Now

Here we stand... (here we stand, here we stand...), as time keeps turning!

Near and far... (near and far, near and far...), the fires are burning!

Victory... (victory, victory), O! the endless passion!

For a cause... (for a cause... for a cause!) we will take an action!

I'm not a savior, I'm not a king.
There's only the voice in your head.

But I feel your anger, I speak your peace.

Freedom time is here!

So are you ready for the here and now?

Sacrifice... (sacrifice, sacrifice), the soul needs baring!

Bring new life... (bring new life, bring new life), to a world worthy sparing!

I'm not a prophet. I'm not a prince.
The ego dies with the flesh.

You are the garden, I am the seed.

Harvest time is here!

But tell me are you ready for the here and now?

Courage... sacrifice... victory... freedom.

One for all... (one for all, one for all), time is fleeting!

Hear the call... (hear the call), our... world is bleeding!

There are no saviors, there are no kings!

The power lies in your hands!

So you be the fire, the light without heat!

Precious time is here!

So tell me are you ready for the here and now?

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