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Stiff Little Fingers
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  • Chanson: Safe As Houses
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Textes et Paroles de Safe As Houses

She makes a home and she stays mum
About the things she might have done
She keeps her eyes firm on the ground
To set her own life
Makes up her face and not her mind
To be a wife

There was a time away back then
She might have thought to think again
But then through dolls and schoolyard games
Like ma before her
She learned girls play the family way
Don't look for more

She's just playing
Playing safe
Playing houses
Safe as houses

Here on this street when they were kids
He built his dreams with coloured bricks
But comes the time for him to prove
That he's a man now
He gets a wife and he makes his move
To three doors down

He's playing
Playing safe
Playing houses
Safe as houses

For there was no-one there to say
It didn't have to be that way
You never get the best of you
When you do what they expect you to

You've heard it all
How you're no use
You're born to fail
So follow suit
But if you feel and got a dream
Don't dare ignore it
Cos that is what you've got to be
You must got for it

Don't play it
Play it safe
A plague on houses
Safe as houses

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