Paroles With Hateful Pride de Still Breathing

Still Breathing
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  • Artiste: Still Breathing35918
  • Chanson: With Hateful Pride
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Textes et Paroles de With Hateful Pride

Our vision our one will begin to fade it is dead we're left to decide on our own soaked with the blood of the innocent it's our future that's dying made to love by design we've chosen this ignorance this lifeless path alone this way is not our own we use bloodshed for glory must expose this sick truth we must find soaked with the red blood of the innocent it's my future that's dying not without alone I feel empty I'm nothing to take eternal blame we've been blind for too long infection has set in we could just unite then to form a plan and to take a stand push this strife away if we could show compassion from within our hearts rise as one to recognize and give it all away expose this lie I use my mind I use my mind destruction oppression our vision depression affliction I want to know religion tradition what weakness recession infliction what lies to feel life location forsaken to really feel life our hearts are dead I really I really I want to know I really I really I want to know I can see clearly nothing held against me overcoming hate overcoming push away throw away give away with hateful pride with hateful pride with hateful pride is our death it's our future that's dying made to love by design we've chosen this ignorance this lifeless path alone with hateful pride

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