Paroles Cold World '93 de Stompin' Ground

Stompin' Ground
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  • Artiste: Stompin' Ground45285
  • Chanson: Cold World '93
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Textes et Paroles de Cold World '93

Everybody turns a blind eye
They smirk and call you a bum
Never figured it's a cold world
But you know better, you've been there

It's a cold world, the world we're livin' in
It's a cold world, the world we're livin' in
See it in their eyes, so empty, so lifeless
See the state they're in, the homeless, the helpless
It's a cold world, the world we're livin' in
It's a fucking cold world, the world that we're livin' in
Findin' solitude on the bench, you're alone with nowhere to turn
Waitin' for darkness to descend
Another day in a cold world again

No one know what it's like to be on your side
Feeling alone, feeling denied
Living a life that's crumbling inside
There seems to be no ending
Yes it's a cold world we're facing
The world that we're livin' in, it's not fair!!

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