Paroles Send Me A Sign de Storyside B

Storyside B
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  • Artiste: Storyside B15776
  • Chanson: Send Me A Sign
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Textes et Paroles de Send Me A Sign

Wake to the sound of amazing grace
Pull back the shades to a deep blue grey
Check the reflection and look to the sky
Weigh both sides and wonder why
You beg for peace you beg for the day
That you don't have to worry or wish things away
A thousand times the same old song
Stuck between right and wrong but I'm holding on

Just send me a sign
Send a reason to this rhyme
Just send me a sign
Help me read between the lines

I've walked in the light I've walked in the dark
Put things together and fallen apart
Still one thought in my mind rings clear
There's got to be more to these voices that I hear

Just send me a sign
Send a reason to this rhyme
Just send me a sign
Help me read between the lines

Send a signal
Send a sign
Send a reason to this rhyme
A ray of light
A shooting star

Just let me know You are

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