Paroles When Words Escape de Stretch Arm Strong

Stretch Arm Strong
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  • Chanson: When Words Escape
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Textes et Paroles de When Words Escape

Thinking about the path we've been on. I know we learned a lot of things. Searching through the pages of our history to see what my memory brings to me. It doesn't matter the lies we tell. Our insecurities we hide so well. A revolution based on honesty, but it won't matter until you see me for me. My minds been racing, but i don't think you can see that i'm(chorus) so afraid to be myself and speak my mind. Im so scared that you won't like what you might find. Time keeps wasting while i look away never realizing the truth that i'be locked away. I made a promise to myself that i would one day keep. To find the courage and the strength and in myself i believe. Please, please don't give up on me. I just hope you can see, GO! the truth is not always easy and it's so hard to please. Hoping that you'll understand that's the price you pay for honesty. (chorus) time keeps wasting away, but that's the price you pay for honesty. ANd it won't matter the lies we tell. Our insecurities we hide so well, a revolution based on honesty, but it won't matter until you see me for me

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