Paroles Kiss Your Ass Goodbye de Styx

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  • Artiste: Styx8729
  • Chanson: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
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Textes et Paroles de Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Here we go again
Hands making circles
That you can't turn back again
Sky turning purple
At the funeral of a friend
Who wasn't ready for the ending yet

He made a giant mess
Sloppy disaster
And he left it for the rest
To clean up after
Now the lawyers do their best
To try to divvy up
What's ever left

In the ending you can bet
Everyone feels cheated

Kiss your ass good-bye
Boy you're out of time
You didn't choose life
It's just your luck
You got your turn now
Give it up and
Kiss your ass good-bye

What's left to say
When it's over everyone but you remains
Little children will
Still go out and play
Just like it's any other sunny day
Oh yeah

In the ending you can bet
Everyone's an equal

Kiss your ass good-bye
Dude you're past your prime
First you loose your looks
Then you loose your luck
Take the hit now
Pony up and
Kiss your ass good-bye

Everybody gets to go around one time
(And they said it wouldn't last)
After that baby gonna go bye-bye
(Before you know it you're the past)
Everybody got to check out sometime
You go first
I'll catch up right behind

In the ending you can bet
Everyone's a loser

Kiss your ass good-bye
Man it's closing time
It never seems fair
It's never enough
Take a bow, pucker up and
Kiss your ass good-bye
(Nothing left to say, now that it's over you can)
Kiss your ass good-bye Good-bye

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