Paroles The Feeling's Back de Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies
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  • Chanson: The Feeling's Back
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Textes et Paroles de The Feeling's Back

I wrote a letter just the other day to nobody in particular
But if anyone were to read a bit-they'd think I was a bit peculiar
But it matters not what they think of me, it's only what I know is real
And so all that's left that matters now-is that the feeling's back

The feeling's back and you just can't stop it
The feeling's back and you just can't stop it

I fought a thousand times-I never knew the meaning of the word fear
Till that one day when I stood alone-staring straight into the mirror
It's not a pretty sight-and even worse it's so hard to face
Until I realize I'm the only one that put me in this place

I'm gonna breathe I'm gonna live-that's right-nothing's gonna stop me
I7m gonna shout I'm gonna scream-that's right-nothing's gonna stop me
I'm gonna run I'm gonna fly-that's right-nothing's gonna stop me
I'm gonna fight I'm gonna win-that's right-nothing's gonna stop me
Nothing's gonna stop me, nothing's gonna stop me now...
Cause the feeling's back and you gotta love the feeling

I dug my hole too deep-I couldn't admit, I didn't know when to stop
But you can only dig your hole six feet until the dirt comes back on top
I've got a long way left to climb but I'll still look you straight in the eye
And I can honestly say I'll never quit-not even on the day I die

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