Paroles Green Hair de Supla

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  • Artiste: Supla36384
  • Chanson: Green Hair
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Textes et Paroles de Green Hair

She said shes's only 16
La ri la if you know what I mean
Her dad is irish
And her mom puerto rican
Met her in Tompinks Square
Bottle in hand with all her crustie friends
Took her over to my place
Sucking sushi kiss
That pretty face
She had green hair
Green hair, green hair
She had green hair
She had green hair
Me t a girl with shaved head
Pirce nose with her baby head
Blew me, when her kid was dead
Ho God! She was licking my head
She had shaved head, shaved head
She had shaved head
She had shaved head, shaved pussy, shaved head
She had shaved head, shaved head

Blondes always seam so mean, but they look
Very clean
They make me fell invencible
But I know I'm in for the fall
So what should I do, I just love them all

Green hair, purple hair, shaved head all and all
I just love them all
I said Green hair, purple hair, shaved head love them all
But I'm in for the fall, I'm in for the fall
I'm in for the fall
In for the fall

Met these two girls Sara and Noel
Bought a ticket straight to hell
Noel with those cat eyes, Sare
With those tight ties
Under my skin in my sheets
They make you scream like those girls
In the magazines fanzines
Sara and Noel
Two tickets straight to hell
Sara and Noel
Two tickets straight to hell
Burning in the shadows of a gothic
Girld from the Bronx
Spin and swirl on the cross
Dragin' me to the grave
She wants me to be her slave
Gothic gothic girl
Spin and swirl
I love them all
When they spin and swirl
The Chiquita Banana with
Leopard spots, japa girl garlic
Hot hot hot, little sand box
Kitty cat in Brazil she scratches
Japa japa girl in Brazil
Japa japa girl now in N.Y.C.


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