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Switchblade Kittens
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  • Artiste: Switchblade Kittens34191
  • Chanson: Time
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Textes et Paroles de Time

I think I've earned the fight, to turn back time
I want to take it all back, and make it right
My actions come undone, to save two lives
All the books in my mind, merge in one night

Time is the healer of all wounds
Time is turning back and leaving
Time is running out too soon
And if time could talk would it be screaming

I think I've learned the wise, of hindsight
My bravery has come back, future rewrite
You escaped the pain, to take flight
All the looks in your eyes, scream I won't die

Complicated an arithmancy equation
Time, Space, Motion, it's an illusion
Past feelings on the back burner
Pray, Wish, Hope a Time Turner

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