Paroles Genocide de Synthetic Delusion

Synthetic Delusion
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  • Artiste: Synthetic Delusion29988
  • Chanson: Genocide
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Textes et Paroles de Genocide

Our days are numbered now, all life is crumbeling

No one will open their minds and see they are stuck in their own religion

They live in the past judge everyone to escape self conviction

No one will remember us, No one will bury us

We'll betray ourselves again, we will never learn our lesson

All we breath is hate, hate

Those days are gone forever, look up and forget the past, there is no hope for our future, we will burn in our own flames

They have a death grip on their ignorance with a soul of vengeance

Everyone has a secret and a dark side

that they try to hide

That they deny

That they deny

No one will open their minds and realize that we are all messed up

We weren't designed for peace, we're stuck in a world of hatred,

Everyday we destroy one another cause we don't understand each other

Our days are numbered now, all life is crumbeling

No one will remember us, No one will bury us

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