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System of a Down
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  • Chanson: Suite-pee
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Textes et Paroles de Suite-pee

I had an out of body experience
The other day
Her name was Jesus
And for her everyone cried
Everyone cried, everyone cried

Try her philosophy
Try her philosophy
Try her philosophy, try
You die for her philosophy
Die for her philosophy
Die her philosphy die

Crossed and terrored
Ravages of architecture
Lend me thy blades
We're crossed and terrored
Ravages of architecture
Hoist around the spade

(au Refrain)


Lie naked on the floor
And let the messiah go through our souls
Lie naked on the floor
And let the messiah go all through our souls

Die, like a mother fucker (x3)
Why, like a mother fucker
I want to fuck my way to the garden
'Cause everyone needs a mother, fucker

The following of a christ (x4)
The falling of christ (x4)

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