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Tahiti 80
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  • Artiste: Tahiti 8010952
  • Chanson: Open Book
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Textes et Paroles de Open Book

You feel you have nothing to hide
It's dazzling like a star, yet there is
something inside
Beautiful and dangerous like a rose
Something telling you, you shouldn't
get too close

Don't try, Because

You may burn your wings and crash to the ground
It makes you wish you were lost and never found
But you feel your face is blushing now

Looking back, it's always the same vicious circle
You fall in love like you'd fall from a bicycle
And everybody's walking in slow motion
You don't, you can't control your reaction

You should try, Because


Your eyes are like an open book,
One can tell everything from the way you look
The way you look


Cause your eyes are like an open book,
One can tell everything from the way you look

You're an open book

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