Paroles Revillusion de Tantric

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  • Artiste: Tantric5126
  • Chanson: Revillusion
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Textes et Paroles de Revillusion

Watch the time
Passing by
Seeing strangers in the sky

Rusty eyes
Stare and bleed
Hope the hell that you do not see
Something in this world needs to change

Hear the lies
See their eyes
Morally how we compromise

Stained again
By a friend
Cut yourself back down to size
Something this world needs to change

Another slap in the face
I know this time of the year
Is a revillusion
Still I fall out of place
Open your mind to the change Of evolution

Look around
There's a change
Try to find the end of pain

People who cause are just partly to blame
Try to find the reason why we all stay the same
Something in this world needs a change

Chorus x2

Revillusion Revolution Repeat x3

Chorus x2

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