Paroles My Open Grave de Tearstained

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  • Artiste: Tearstained9684
  • Chanson: My Open Grave
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Textes et Paroles de My Open Grave

The time arrives when death shall overcome
Do not cremate my body, let it rot
Entomb me in a stone mausoleum
I want to be interred carelessly

My crypt of stone
My body left alone
To rot, decay
Let time wither it away

Don't lock the crypt, grave desecration sought
Disturb my corpse; steal my bones and skull

Midnight revelers break into my tomb
A trophy for their morbid fascination
I welcome you to come invade my burial shroud
With sincerity display my skull

Come into my open grave
Come into my open grave


Who will be the one to guard my remains

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