Paroles Tequila de Terrorvision

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  • Artiste: Terrorvision15381
  • Chanson: Tequila
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Textes et Paroles de Tequila

Ode to Jose the curse of Cuervo,
So hard to say no though it gives one the fever,
Pretends to be friendly,
Then it's all over, over,
It's all over, over,
Pretends to be fine,
Then the curse of Tequila,

It makes me happy,
Con Tequila it feels fine,
Con Tequila when the doors are opened,
And con Tequila when they're calling time,
That's the curse of,

Sierra sunrise and Margarita,
They'll break your heart in the desert heat,
Tell you you're thirsty,
They'll tell you you're sober, sober,
It's all over, over,
They'll tell you you're fine,
Then the curse of Tequila....

If there's a lot on your mind it's there to help you forget,
To relax and rewind and leave behind the regret,
First sip makes you well before you know it it's time,
And you're saying to hell with the salt, lemon and lime,
Salt, lemon and lime, time Tequila,

That's the curse of Tequila.....

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