Paroles W-199-Eye de The Blameshifters

The Blameshifters
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  • Artiste: The Blameshifters42755
  • Chanson: W-199-Eye
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Textes et Paroles de W-199-Eye

You're giving a speech in the oval office
I'm reading the window right behind you
I'm 2 lines ahead
And correcting what you've read
A madman a loon
How did you get to be as dumb as you?
But something else is bothering me

Bush, you lied you're fired
Bush, you fucking lied, you're fucking fired

Corporation's illegal offshore deals
Terroristic links
Failed states
Directly to the elite go our latchkey kids lunch
Trickle down economics don't work
Big surprise, once again

Bush, you lied your fired
Bush, you fucking lied, you're fucking fired
And you mother's a whore

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