Paroles Pandora's Rebirth de The Breathing Process

The Breathing Process
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  • Chanson: Pandora's Rebirth
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Textes et Paroles de Pandora's Rebirth

As the air fills your stagnant lungs flesh regrows around charred bones.

That night I felt you
That night I felt your breath
On my neck while I was enshrouded in her.
That night you broke
Free from deaths chains.

In the air something was amiss
I felt your presence enshrouding her.
I heard your voice curse her that night
I dreamt of crimson lace and flame.
That night I dreamt of you.

Now you want to watch me suffer
That night I dreamt of you
Looming over her
As you took her life away.

Now you want to watch
Me suffer that night I dreamt of
Crimson lace and flame.

Now I have been cursed to love no other
This world I roam in apathy my
Dearest memories fall into abyss
Why did you take this away?

Now with vengeance
I'll reign wrath down upon your soul.
You were the cause of my sorrow
You were the pain to my suffering.
My suffering you'll suffer too
This is the Virge of existence of love.

Tapped into life stream you
Stole what once was hers a love a
Life an existence.

My love for
Another was the fire for your
Rebirth now you want to watch me
Suffer in tragedy our paths are
Sown, you want to watch me suffer.
Breathing life into your heart the
Beating of our past restarts
Invoking decimation.

Now you
Want to watch me suffer that night
I dreamt of crimson lace and
Flame, now you want to watch me
Suffer that night I dreamt of your face

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