Paroles Genesis Of Death de The Meads Of Asphodel

The Meads Of Asphodel
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  • Artiste: The Meads Of Asphodel34565
  • Chanson: Genesis Of Death
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Textes et Paroles de Genesis Of Death

Taken to Gehenna, the fire always burns
Cast into the wasteland, eaten by the worms
Taken to the ash heap in lower Ge-hinnom,
In dreary misery, where idols once belonged
To die in isolation
Abandoned by a nation
Slow asphyxiation,
Soon to come the end
A curse unto god, to hang upon a tree
Such a hateful end, to ritually cease to be
I am not the son of god,
You will become the man god
I am not the Messiah;
You have become the priest king
My birth was never foretold,
Covered in the dust of human remains"
And the black embrace of Acheron,
Where grim visage'd faces, peer from the ashes of Lebanon,
Where flesh becomes clay, from Syria to Yemen,
And open graves adorn the shores of heaven

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