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The Scarred
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  • Chanson: No Solution
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Textes et Paroles de No Solution

I wearing out my welcome and the line has lost my place
seems like rhyme and reason has vanished without a trace
I'm paranoid and terrorized and ain't it such a shame
where is the hope in a world thats gone insane?

It's not my problem

And so I hit the street that's choking with the smog of hate
I'm filled with paranoia when I think about my fate
We're losing all our freedom but you try to play it safe
You never think to compromise before it's too late BUT
all you wanna do is be the center of attention
Escapism abounds because you cannot take the tension
you're living out a lie and your whole world is an invention
guess the truth is something that the news forgot to mention

It's not my problem

It's all a smokescreen
What are we living for?
There's bombs over Baghdad
Is it worth dying for?
Is this all a dream
What are we living for?
This isn't a dream...
It's more like a nightmare

It's not my problem...
No solution, not my problem now.

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