Paroles One Of A Kind Love Affair de The Spinners

The Spinners
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  • Chanson: One Of A Kind Love Affair
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Textes et Paroles de One Of A Kind Love Affair

One of a kind love affair is
The kind of love that you read about in a fairy tale.
Like the sun that shines on a rainy day, it's a cloud of love.
One of a kind love affair is
When your down is up, when your up is down,
But love stays around,
And when you know you're right, but you got to make a little sacrifice,
You make it for love. Who-oh-oh-oh, yeah.

I never thought about today would come
When she would leave without good-bye, yes, sir.
She wrote a line or two upon the wall --
Said, I'm leaving you, know I love you too,
I can't stay with you --
And this very day, I could never say a discouraging word.
'Cause I love you. Who-oh-oh-oh, yes, siree, now

(One of a kind) love affair is
When you hate to say girl I told you so, but you gotta go
There won't be a fight, 'cause your love is right,
But you're leaving wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

(One of a kind) Ooh (love affair is) Ooh yeah.
When you treat her nice but you finally have to pay the price.
And though you know you're right
But you got to make a little sacrifice,
You make it for love,
You make it for love. Yeah-heh-heh-heh.

(Lead break)

One of a kind love affair is
Makes you want to love her, you justhave to hurt her, yeah
One of a kind, one of a kind, love affair is
Makes a lame man walk, makes a blind man talk about seein' again.
(One of a kind) Ooh-oh (love affair is) My-hy,
It makes you me want to be around ya, Ah, girl, I'm glad I found you.

(One of a kind) Wooh-ee, baby (love affair is) I wanna tell you now,
Every day is sunshine, girl, you're on my mind.

One of a kind, one of a kind love affair is
Makes me want to, want to be with you.(fade)

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