Paroles Bad de The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies
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  • Chanson: Bad
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Textes et Paroles de Bad

I'll pick you up early
From the school gates at 3:30
I'll take you down Soho
Be ready to Go-Go
The perverts will be ready
The queue it will be steady
I'll charge you 50 percent
And then I'll charge you for the rent

Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad
Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad

I'll feed you narcotics
Make sure you're erotic
And then I'll feed some to your pals
And soon I'll have a chain of gals
I'll wait outside your school
I'll seem so nice, I'll seem so cool
In my expensive car
I promise I'll make you a star

Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad
Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad

I'll get you a modeling contract
Just lie here on your back
And let perverts stick it in
And leer at you with sickly grins
My paedophile ring, it's the best
My customers they all attest
So come on perverts, come on down
I've got the best ring in the town

Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad
Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad
Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad
Am I bad?
Yes, he's bad

I keep it in the family
All my daughters work for me

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