Paroles Unspoken Words de Theatres Des Vampires

Theatres Des Vampires
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  • Artiste: Theatres Des Vampires6410
  • Chanson: Unspoken Words
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Textes et Paroles de Unspoken Words

Without a sound fading away
And what I said I'll say today
Unspoken words, lost in my soul
All what I lost is lost and gone

Everything is silence
Everything begin
Answers from the others
The end of everything

Unsaid...Unsaid words
Unsaid...Unsaid words
I will not say another word

Sins, Pain, Madness, Lies,
Sins, Pain, Madness...

One day one more
One life one more
Unspoken words
can't wait no more

Follow my will
Look in my eyes

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