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These Days
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  • Chanson: Never Ending
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Textes et Paroles de Never Ending

When I'm low, I've got a place to go - I'll never be left out in the cold
Two open ears for a broken heart - spare wings to help me fly again
Give me eyes when I lose my sight - help me start over
Gave me a chance to prove myself - I swear I'll never let you down

I don't care - I still have them

My friends and family are the only things keeping me alive
My friends and family will have my loyalty
If there's anything you need, you can always count on me
If you need my help, just take my hand

This blood of ours, this bond of ours
I got your back and you got mine

For every joy and every pain - I thank god for blessing me this way
No matter how much the deepest cut may hurt
I'm surrounded by angels right here on earth
Never ending - this bond is never ending

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