Paroles S & M de Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy
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  • Artiste: Thin Lizzy4200
  • Chanson: S & M
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Textes et Paroles de S & M

She walked out of a shady motel
Into the arms of a sugar daddy
She'd been having a good time
Oh but she loved her daddy madly

She said daddy what can I do
I want to spend my time making love to you
But daddy had to run hit and run
Now he's gone


This customer was shady he kept a rubber hose
He liked to beat the ladies
There's nothing wrong with that I suppose
"Yes there is,"

He made them want to shout, "Ouch"
But this time you better watch out
He kicked her oh and he beat her
And he whipped her


He beat her black and blue

He just liked the violence said it made him tough
He just liked the violence said she couldn't get enough
Couldn't get enough


He beat her like a drum

This fetish could be foolish
It could lead to something dangerously wreckless
To hold your lover helpless
Could lead to something called a mess

Unless you like to be tacky
And kinky, sleasy and slinky
To make them wanna shout, "Ouch"
Fight back and scratch out

Do it again

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