Paroles One Last Breath de Threat Signal

Threat Signal
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  • Artiste: Threat Signal37240
  • Chanson: One Last Breath
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Textes et Paroles de One Last Breath

Burn the bridges of the empire, the kingdom will fall
Infection of democracy
Bleed the weak and sew the eyes, of them all
My solace will not bring us down
Generations fall to the ground
The absence, the sorrow, ensue
Mind fucking the truth

Feel so far away
Burning on the inside
I am so cold
One Last Breath

Count the victims as they die, embed the thought in your mind
Regression of peace for all life
Man, the power, the drive, will decide
The violence will drag us down
As blood spills we fall to the ground
This world will never be a slave
We must embrace

Feel so far away
Burning on the inside
I am so cold
One Last Breath

It's time to rise

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