Paroles No More Hate de Throwdown

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  • Artiste: Throwdown6443
  • Chanson: No More Hate
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Textes et Paroles de No More Hate

If you ate my shit then you'd probably talk twice as good as you do now and it makes me sick when you knock them down. You have NO RIGHT, to judge WHAT'S RIGHT... TO JUDGE AT ALL. NO MORE HATE. Our differences they make us so unique we gotta speak our minds in this day and time we must stand, STAN WIT ME. NO MORE HATE - you gotta open your mind. NO MORE HATE - no one is the same. NO MORE HATE - open your mind. You have no right to judge what's right, whats love is love. Try to step outside yourself, don't close the door not just yet. I've got one more thing, one more thing to say. NO - no more hatred. MORE - let's see some nity. HATE - it's such a shitty excuse to hate. Everybodys got their own thing, you've got your shit and I got mine doesn't matter where you come from, so show some fuckin respect, open your mind.

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