Paroles It's Not Time de Tiago Iorc

Tiago Iorc
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  • Artiste: Tiago Iorc37155
  • Chanson: It's Not Time
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Textes et Paroles de It's Not Time

Each and every heartbeat
Gives us a little more time
When every little thing
you say is right
Strain another heartbeat
I know this isn't goodbye
You and I will be again sometime
Letting you go
Has never been so hard
When all I want to do
is hold you tight

Maybe it's not time for love
Maybe it's not right
It'll be time for love
When everything seems right
And all I've got is real
And all for you

Tonight we just can't seem to keep
Our hands off each other
I'll miss the way
you give your lip a bite
Even if now you're
Exactly where you wanna be
I'm sure we'll do just fine
For now I'll take a left, you take a right
Letting you go
Has never been so hard
When all I want to do is hold you tight

Just take your time
And tell me when you are ready

(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)

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