Paroles Entropy de Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
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  • Artiste: Todd Rundgren37534
  • Chanson: Entropy
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Textes et Paroles de Entropy

Consider the riddle that is man
From his perch at the top of Darwin's ladder
Though the rules he little understands
Plays at life as if it really mattered
When before all our eyes
A parading of lies
And reality splatters

But we have dreams, wonderful dreams
While we live in dreams, terrible dreams
We're only waiting, waiting for

Entropy, mindless entropy
Beseech it not,
For it has no thought of anything
All things are equal to
Entropy, heartless entropy
It knows not love, for it shows no love
For anything, anything

Breathes there a soul so dull
It has not striven to attach some meaning
To the chaos that invades the human skull
At the thought that some force is intervening
And this thought we call God
Keeps us straight as a rod
While all else is careening

But we have dreams, beautiful dreams
But we live in dreams, perverted dreams
While we are waiting
There's no stopping

Entropy, skulking entropy
That lustless rapist who plants its seed in
Everything, everything, everything

Yes, there is a thing call wisdom
But we've never had it
We are too preoccupied with
How to iron-clad it
There was never a chance
There was never a chance
Let us dance!

What about our fearless leaders?
What about our necks?
What about the church of Jesus?
How 'bout drugs and sex?
What about our precious freedom?
What about free will?
What about our precious freedom?
What about free will?
What about our precious freedom?
Entropy will win!
What about the rule of reason?
Entropy will win!
What about our precious freedom?
What about free will?
What about our precious freedom?
What about free will?
We're all up against it
We're all up against it!

Entropy can't take away your freedom
Precious freedom
There's no freedom
No shelter
No heaven help us!

Entropy crushes everything
Entropy smashes everything
Entropy cleanses everything

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