Paroles Too Much Too Soon de Tokyo Blade

Tokyo Blade
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  • Artiste: Tokyo Blade6037
  • Chanson: Too Much Too Soon
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Textes et Paroles de Too Much Too Soon


Well I'm crazy on my feet got the shakes inside me
When we're dancing cheek to cheek
Is this the price of passion
Get out of the fire burning your feet

I start to feel I'm struck by lightning
Wanna tell the judge that I came out fighting
Drag me from to home like a little boy
Feel like the first time

Too much too soon (too soon)
What are we gonna do
Too much too soon (too soon)
Do what you wanna do

Moving to the beat and as tight as ever
Feel the heat inside my leather
I wanna stop but you keep on coming
Hold on I wanna hit me, now I'm running


Too much too soon (too soon)
What are we going through

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