Paroles Overthrown de Tom Mcrae

Tom Mcrae
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  • Artiste: Tom Mcrae3488
  • Chanson: Overthrown
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Textes et Paroles de Overthrown

We fall
Through water
Unsung unseen
And days
Thought endless
Lose more
Light and heat

So let the dead bury the dead
I should leave

For I am
For I am overhtrown
Confess to me now
Confess to me now

Half in sunlight
And half in shade
Words in collision
I bend to your shape
I see the skull beneath the skin
I see it all

For I am
For I am overhtrown
Confess to me now
Confess to me now

For I am
For I am overhtrown
Confess to me now
Confess to me now
Confess to me now

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