Paroles Baby Gonna Leave Me de Tom Waits

Tom Waits
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  • Chanson: Baby Gonna Leave Me
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Textes et Paroles de Baby Gonna Leave Me

Well I stood on the corner
Until my feet got wet
I stood by the faucet
Till the sink filled up
I stood by the window
Until the moon came up
My baby's bought a ticket
Long as my clothes line

Na na na na, na-na-na
Na na na na

My baby went and left me in a '49 Ford
Going down the highway in a 49 sword
My baby ripped my heart out
with every turn of the moon
Somebody told me
there's never been a rose without a thorn

Na na na na, na-na-na
Na na na

Well I'm just another sad guest
on this dark earth

And if I was a tree
I'd be a cut down tree
And if I was a bed
I'd be an unmade bed
I'll get my 32/20 and it'll have to do

Na na na na, na-na-na
Na na na na

Gone like the wind in the meadow
And the rain on the hill
You even left your lipstick
And your powder and your blush

Baby gonna leave me
on a Grey Hound bus
The stars are melting
all across the sky

Na na na na, na-na-na
Na na na na

I let the dog out
But he didn't come back
Stood on the corner until
my feet got wet

Baby leave me in a '49 Ford
I stood by the window
untill the moon came up

Na na na na, na-na-na
Na na na na

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