Paroles Your Take de Tourniquet

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  • Artiste: Tourniquet6492
  • Chanson: Your Take
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Textes et Paroles de Your Take

[Music and Lyrics by Lenaire]

I've seen you at the shows
So proud to tell us how it goes
This and that a little more

Not too much now
You'll lose the floor
When we are not just what you thought
Do not blame, we're not the same

The color grey is real
A shade that you can't feel
Your world of black and white is surreal

The moment we begin to think
Our calling should be heard
Just the same by other ears
That hear the call themselves
We're deaf to all

No matter what
We're in this world
To live His life
To live His Word

The color grey is real
A shade that you can't feel
Your world of black and white is surreal

Your take on life
Is what you've seen
What you've known
Waht you dream
The way you'll live
Is who you are
Unique unto the Morning Star

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