Paroles How Rude She Was de Towers Of London

Towers Of London
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  • Chanson: How Rude She Was
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Textes et Paroles de How Rude She Was

She lived in the city
She was high class
Not very pretty
More a pain in the ****
Bit of a nuisance
She knew i wanted it all
Well i'm so underated
She was waiting for me to fall **

How rude she was
Lucky for me it was light entertainment
There she was
Standing on the corner by the door way officer
I know she does
Really wanna see me but i don't care anyway
How rude she was
How rude she was

Boozing at Koko she don't wanna pogo
What did you say?
Standing around walking along
But whoa it's too late
My vision was blurry
I see a woman i recognise
She looks like an angel
But then she went and spat in my eye

Repeat chorus

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