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Traveling Wilburys
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  • Chanson: You Took My Breath Away
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Textes et Paroles de You Took My Breath Away

(The Traveling Wilburys)

You took my breath away
I want it back again
Look at the mess I'm in
I don't know what to say
I don't know how to feel
You don't care anyway
All I can do is wait
You took my breath away

You took this song of mine
And changed the middle bit
It used to sound alright
But now the words don't fit
It's getting hard to rhyme
Impossible to play
I've tried it many times
You took my breath away

One day when the sun is shining
There will be that silver lining

You knocked my headlights out
So turn them on again
I can't see where I'm going
I can't tell where I've been
I don't know how to feel
This hasn't been my day
Seems like I've lost a wheel
You took my breath away

You took my breath away
You took my breath away
You took my breath away

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