Paroles Off Tha Sunset de Trey Songz

Trey Songz
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  • Artiste: Trey Songz8925
  • Chanson: Off Tha Sunset
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Textes et Paroles de Off Tha Sunset

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, SONGZ!

[Verse 1:]
Lift up the bags, grab all my jewlery
I'm outta here soon as these shoes get on my feet
Can't you see, you don't touch me like you used to [no]
So I don't touch you like I used to
I used to moan your name, yup, so now my eyes be walkin right away from ya
Just wanna let you know I'm leaving town
I'm out that door and I won't be around
No more sexen ya, No more kissin ya, No more just when you're about to go

It's no more, woulda, coulda, shoulda
Didn't but you can't, 'cause I'm gone, gone, gone

[Verse 2:]
Pack my clothes, I'm out that door
Won't see me no more

I ain't coming back I ain't runnin back

Oohh, oohh off into the sunset I go [x4]

I wanna see you like I used to (yup!)
But I don't see you like I used to (no)
We used to be so tight
But the strings that attach just don't hold

Just so you know I'm leavin town
I'm out that door and I won't be around no more


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