Paroles Lovers de Trigger The Bloodshed

Trigger The Bloodshed
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  • Artiste: Trigger The Bloodshed39908
  • Chanson: Lovers
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Textes et Paroles de Lovers

The silence breaks she screams she cries
Her mouth bleeds the name of her lover falls on deaf ears
He pulls her hair holds her close whispers in her ear
You can not run from me my dear you are my one true lover
You can not run from me my dear
You are my one true love you can not run nowhere to run
And I will watch you choke choke I watch you choke
A breathless gasp as his hands grip her
Choke I watch you choke a breathless gasp his hands grip her
And I will watch you choke she'll never be
More than a sick obsession she'll never be
The girl you wanted wanted her to be her to be
His warm hard breath on cold white skin
A shiver down her spine Tells her she's still alive
The silence breaks he screams he cries
His mouth bleeds the name of his lover falls on deaf ears
Silence breaks

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