Paroles It's Over de Triumph

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  • Artiste: Triumph37975
  • Chanson: It's Over
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Textes et Paroles de It's Over

Like an arrow through the heart
She was the one that got away
Seemed like yesterday that
You couldn't tear us apart
But then we never realized Love was a compromise

Too many sleepless nights
Too many jealous fights
It hurt the night I told her
Oh baby, it's all over


It's over, this can't go on,
All over, cause the feeling's gone
Wonder if I'll survive alone again
Sometimes I just want to hold her
But it's over

Young and foolish of heart
We were two gypsies on the run
Into the setting sun
Shattered pictures tell the tale
Their crying love is a tragedy
Of tears and broken dreams
Just like a sad old song
Who knows where we went wrong
I dread the day I told her
Oh baby, it's over


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