Paroles A de Troy M.

Troy M.
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  • Artiste: Troy M.39916
  • Chanson: A
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Textes et Paroles de A

Someone once said
That once you're dead
You don't use your head
I've walked between
The empty spaces, that bleed
Restrict yourself until you see
That I'm not me
No one knows
Where you've gone
No one cares for how long
But I do
Cause I want to be with you

You're eyes
Look like dynamite
You make me smile
And force it for a long while
But you don't stay
And now I'm in some blue gaze

This cut
Has got to close
Its not fun
To know that you're really alone
You're random religion
You're random precision

So now I am here
With all my fear
You left long ago
But I still remember
How we used to play gun ho
I'm going nowhere
I'm going nowhere

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