Paroles Tell Me A Secret de Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty
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  • Artiste: Twenty Twenty42364
  • Chanson: Tell Me A Secret
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Textes et Paroles de Tell Me A Secret

I took my time when I was looking for her
But it's alright because I found it all
The truth that lies inside her eyes
The truth behind her secret smile

And I don't know if she is looking for me
Right by her side is where I'd like to be
Finding ways to figure out what that girl is all about

I think it's time that she let me in
I think it's time I told her

Oh oh, tell me a secret
Oh oh, I promise I can keep it
Keep it in my heart

And when it seemed that I should just give in
She took my hand and told me everything
So now I know the reason why, the truth behind her secret smile

I'm so glad that she let me in
I'm so glad I told her

Oh oh, tell me a secret
Oh Oh, I promise I can keep it
Keep it in my heart

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