Paroles Nothing Yet de Twenty2

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  • Artiste: Twenty238096
  • Chanson: Nothing Yet
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Textes et Paroles de Nothing Yet

A few years ago you were the man
I looked up to you-followed your plan
The words you said they all made sense
They were the reason why I sang

I believed every word you said to me
Looked until I saw what you could see
Not even once did I complain
I always took the blame

You lied to me I never lied to you
Nothing to see but everything to lose
Time makes memories grow old
Faces change & hearts grow cold
I trusted you with my life
& you were running with a knife

I see it now-I saw it then
You were a fake never my friend
I guess some things don't ever change
& can't be rearranged...

Because the illusions bring distraction
& I just won't have that
I'm looking for something real
Not your Henry Rollins deal

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