Paroles Reach Down de Twinball

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  • Artiste: Twinball6547
  • Chanson: Reach Down
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Textes et Paroles de Reach Down

Hey woman what is on your mind?
I know what you like to hear
I feel the music's pumping loud
Don't you feel like scream and shout
The blood starts pumping in your veins
Just let it all come out
Making it all seem as bright as day
So raise hands and join with me
Don't hesitate
Just give me one more time to celebrate

Reach down before it's to late...everywhere
Don't say the word that you hate...everyday

It's all going down in flames
And then the story turns
Watching you from behind and celebrate
So raise hands and join with me
Don't hesitate
Just give me one more time to...

I don't have a clue
I feel I'm over you
I held my head up high
If I could only...

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