Paroles Distant Smile de Ultravox

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  • Artiste: Ultravox38189
  • Chanson: Distant Smile
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Textes et Paroles de Distant Smile

Sometimes I find I drift away
Behind a distant smile

Light years ago I think someone spoke
Quizzical glances behind cigarette smoke
She drew the curtains at the end of the day
And then we laughed because the room sailed away

Fancy glitter in the summer arcades
Then autumn leaves fall by a winter lane
Piano echoes and the perfume still lingers
But you fell through my fingers like sand

With a distant smile
A distant smile
A distant smile
Somehow I always seem to be
Adrift in other times with a distant smile

take off the sound of the streets
The city's glittering like diamonds in heat
Our secret destination, touch down in the haze
As the cameraman pans away

Hey look, it's a long lost horizon
Private oceans you can surface a sunrise in
Hearts well than no dodging logic
But nevertheless still permanently surprised

Behind a distant smile
A distant smile
A distant smile
Somehow I always seem to be
Adrift in other times behind a distant smile

You will see!

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